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Graduate School Worth it?

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  • Graduate School Worth it?

    Do you guys think graduate school is worth the extra time and money spent in school? Let's start a debate below

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    Honestly to me it is not because of the opportunity cost and the possible work experience you could be attaining elsewhere. But if you are truly passionate about education then it totally is, it just depends on what you're into!


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      I think it's worth it, being educated is a privilege in our society and I'm not going to pass up this opportunity when it comes around


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        I would say it is because it really gives you a leg up when you are searching for jobs and potential teaching positions in the future, and I think the economic profit in the end justifies going to school for a longer period of time.


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          It is to me, graduate degree - guaranteed job in my eyes. I know it's not always that simple but unemployment is really low right now and a graduate degree would secure you way better pay and higher qualification that's for sure


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            dwaney47 do you think that somebody could get this kind of job without a degree at all or with just a bachelor's?