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Toughest Part About Applying?

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  • Toughest Part About Applying?

    What is the toughest part about applying to university and why?

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    Ohyess for me it was writing essays. I suck at writing and I didn't really have anybody to help me so I really struggled with making myself sound worthy to go to college lol.


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      ariana732 did you ever consider talking to your high school counselor or english teacher? I know it's too late now but that may have helped you back then, at least that's what I did and it helped me a lot. The toughest part for me was standardized tests because I am a terrible test-taker


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        TurenHal I talked to my english teacher but they weren't willing to help because they were "too busy". I also didn't want to pay for a tutor or anything so I just had to deal.


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          I struggled finding a school that i was actually interested in that i could afford. I talked to my school counselor to get help on this, which i suggest to anybody who is unsure of where they want to go or what they want to do