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Do you budget your food money?

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  • Do you budget your food money?

    I'm not really talking about groceries here, I mean for like going out and eating. This has been a problem of mine and ive thought about budgeting this during the month, has anybody actually tried this and if you did how did it work out for you?

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    I just put $50 cash into my wallet and that's how much i use over the month for eating out and whatnot. I hope that helped!


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      I tried what KnowhereGo did but I failed miserably. Honestly, for me it just takes self-discipline. After enough months of going past your budget and having to make other sacrifices, you start to figure it out because you don't want to cut o\ther parts of your life out so you can eat at Panda Express more often. See my point? IT's not the most glorious solution but it's the one that is the most practical and achievable


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        I don't budget my food money, I like to be able to eat when I want to. But I'm also pretty financially comfortable, when I used to not have as much money I honestly just didn't even eat out. Why do it if you can't afford it?