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PhD In CS Worth it?

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  • PhD In CS Worth it?

    Is a PhD in computer science worth the added time and money spent in school? I know it would give me a great leg up in a job search and general knowledge of the subject, but the opportunity cost of staying in school has to be considered as well. Any suggestions?

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    Have you found any job offers yet? I would say if you found a good position or place to work at, I think the experience and upfront money will do you better than staying in school and withholding experience. If you are struggling to find work, then maybe schooling will put you in a better place, especially with a PhD.


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      If you want to teach or do research then a PhD is probably your best bet. If you're simply interested in software development then it's overkill, even a master's isn't really necessary unless you're from outside the US.


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        I think it depends on what kind of CS you are into, there are a lot of different directions that major stems in and lots of them may not even require college, whereas others you may spend most of your life on a campus doing research and learning