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Best art tablet?

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  • Best art tablet?

    Hey everyone
    I'm looking into getting an art tablet. If you don't know what that is, it's essentially a device that lets an artist "draw" on it with a pen; you connect it to your computer and a drawing software.
    For those of you that use tablets, can you recommend any for me? I'd like one that can handle a lot of use, as I'll be using it for school projects and recreational use. I've had Wacoms in the past but just had issue after issue with drivers failing and weak pen sensitivity. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

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    Yeah, I'd stay away from Wacoms!
    Have you heard of Intous? I think those are pretty good.
    The Huion
    Inspiroy Q11K has 4 stars on Amazon but has good reviews for the most part. It also has over 8,000 pen pressure sensitivity settings. This is versus Wacom's ~1,000, so I think that's pretty awesome! There are definitely good tablets you can get without breaking your budget. The two I just listed I believe you can get from the $50-$100 range.


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      Aw, really? Wacoms are bad? I just got one for my birthday lol Hope it lasts


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        I'm not too into this kind of stuff but I know that newer iPads have amazing retina display and I am sure that they have dedicated drawing apps in the app store that would look amazing