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Starting a band in college

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  • Starting a band in college

    Have any of you started a band in college? I want to start one but I don't know many musicians besides myself. How did you guys find people to get in touch with about starting one?

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    My older brother put up flyers around the music buildings and talked to kids in his music classes. If you aren't a music major you should try taking a music class next semester or just putting up flyers around campus.


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      I got one of my professors to let me make an announcement in front of his lecture about it and I got a few people to email me!


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        Yeah, going into classes and just talking about your band might help. Maybe go to a club rush thing or stand outside a busy area and hand out flyers, that might get you some traction!


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          Go on Twitter and other social media like Instagram. On twitter, hop onto big hashtags and try to promote your work. On Instagram, make "stories" where all your followers can see them. I'd keep it simple: list the band name, that you're looking for members, and where you'd like to meet up/or message me for more info. I think this is your best bet, as so many people use social media these days. Out of curiosity, what is your band name gonna be?