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Internships for Undeclared Students

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  • Internships for Undeclared Students

    I'm undeclared but want an internship over the summer, should I pick a specific path or find a general job or am I better off just getting a job?

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    Did you take any classes this semester that interested you? If so, possibly look into an internship in that field and see where it takes you! I think you should try to specialize or else you're not gonna have a whole lot of options otherwise


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      That's good advice. I'd also look at internships online that don't require a specific major; there are some that say "open to all majors" and that'll give you some relief.


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        I agree with collinsc even though you may be undeclared, I'm sure you have hobbies outside of school and things you like to do in your free time! If you're passionate enough about something you can find a way to turn it into work and opportunity, look for internships or jobs that are focused around things you actually like doing, don't force yourself into a boring or unlikable position just because you want experience