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Best internship you had?

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  • Best internship you had?

    We've all heard of it: the bright-eyed junior in college finally winning her first internship position, showing up eagerly on the first day, only to be handed with the task of...fetching coffee. But what about the positive stories? What cool things did you get to do on the job, and what did you learn, most importantly?

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    I had an internship that let me learn all about coding and how to make a website. I found it super helpful because coding always confused me beforehand, but I was in a great environment. Now I have an extra skillset!


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      Probably my environmentalism internship. It only lasted a few months but in that short time, I learned a lot. I got so much hands-on experience handling animals and researching. Just going out into the wild and studying plant and animal life was so intriguing and really makes me want to consider going into environmentalism as a career path one day.


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        Haven't had one yet, but following this thread for inspiration to actually get out and find one


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          I had a design internship a while back. I got to design a few covers for self-published authors. Because I had previous experience with InDesign and Photoshop, the job was a breeze. That's not to say I didn't learn anything, though. I got experience pitching ideas and coming up with concept art in a quick turn-around time.


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            I also had a computer design internship and I got to focus on learning how to use illustrator and XD, which was greatly to my benefit when I took design this semester!