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Applying for internships with no experience

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  • Applying for internships with no experience

    How do you approach applying for internships when you have zero experience in your field? I'm pursuing a degree in Business Administration but have zero work experience to speak of. Should I still write up a resume?

    I'm completely lost!

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    Are you a member of any groups or clubs? Have you done any volunteering? Even with no work experience, you may be surprised what experience you have outside of the professional space that is applicable to your field, especially in business. Team work and communication are key and there's lots of ways you can swing experiences in a club or student group to make you marketable!


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      I was going to say what Dragonborn commented. Definitely list any extra circulars, anything you do as a hobby, etc. It'll help your resume stand out.


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        For internships, you're definitely going to want to have a resume. Most internships are highly competitive and others will likely have a resume and some experience