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    Where do you go when you are looking to meet people? I am pretty introverted and I want to meet new people but I don't know where to go

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    I would suggest getting involved in your schools' clubs as well as varsity sports! Also, tag along with your buddies to parties and get-togethers!


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      Good question, and one I've been asking myself for a while. Going to school clubs is a great way to start, like edelmangoat said. I would also look at flyers around campus and see if any events are coming up. I used to think parties were just for high school, but college actually has room for a lot of dances, socials, etc. Try to go to at least one and if you don't like it, no sweat. At least you tried!


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        I know that most people assume frats or sororities aren't for introverted people, but maybe look into greek life! If you meet with all the houses you might find one that has people who are really similar to you and whom you can become really close to !


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          If you live in the dorms or university housing, try going to your floor's social events. Also, your dorm will also hold bigger events that you can attend to meet people who live right next to you!


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            Look online and see when your campus is holding certain events.