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    How do you deal with friends getting jealous when you are in a new relationship?

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    I've definitely had this issue before, you just need to talk to them and find a middle ground, for me personally friends come first because they've been there from the start, and any true friend will find a way for you to be with this new partner in your life and be happy because that's what friends value for one another


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      I used to be the jealous friend myself, every relationship has its honeymoon phase in the beginning where you probably won't exist to your friend, but just let them know that you miss them and that you want to hang out with them and there's usually a moment where they realize they weren't treating you fairly


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        I think you should just talk about it with them, as much as it sucks that they are jealous and it can be frustrating, they also have their reasons. You only see envy but they could really be hurt by the way they're being treated and you need to discuss it with them before things get worse


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          Talk to them man, it's only gonna get worse if you try to let it figure itself out.


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            I was the partner who the friend was envious of before, it put me in a really awkward place but my s.o. talked it over with him and the figured out a way to hang out and not grow distant. So moral of the story is talking it over is what's gonna do the most for ya