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Holding out on a partner

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  • Holding out on a partner

    Kind of an awkward question, but if you don't feel ready for sex in a relationship how do you tell your partner when they've already expressed that they're ready? I don't want to hurt their feelings...

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    Buckwheat talk to them. The easiest thing to do is to avoid it and that's also the easiest way to end up hurting feelings. What you should do is talk to them because you're in a relationship and it's the mature thing to do, your partner will understand just express your feelings


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      i would talk to them about it too but don't just bring it up out of nowhere I would wait until you're in that situation where they're bringing it up and then make your point. Don't make it seem like it's constantly nagging you and bring it up out of nowhere because you could end up hurting their feelings


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        Yikes, that must be tough. I'd talk to them and maybe suggest alternatives things you could do as a couple or maybe a timeframe on when you think you'll be ready? You don't want to just lead them on but you definitely need to make your expectations clear


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          I kind of disagree with this ^^^. Don't give them a timeframe because then you are committing to something you aren't ready for. Be straight up with them, if they actually care and love you they'll have no problem waiting. If not, you might wanna consider looking for somebody else